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Welcome to our spontaneous adventure around the world, Blog page. As the domain name says, we have nothing to lose. We have been educated (to some standard),  are bored of working (normal) and not yet ready to get on the property ladder (not that we can anyway). So why not see some other cultures, give ourselves some visual knowledge as and some stories to send the kids to sleep.

There are 2 of us:

Lou Applegate
I have the Mosquito repellent!
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George Randerson
I have a weird thumb.
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Our plan, during this wondrous trip, is to document where we are, what we find and who we stay with. We also plan to avoid plane travel as much as possible as well as spend very little money.*

We hope to use the kindness of others to assist, freeload, cadge, chisel, mooch, sponge where we stay and gain local information from people in the know! ( Obviously we won’t be taking advantage of any hospitality offered to us really (0: )

We have added a calendar of what we will be doing (ish) on specific days. There’s a map to show which countries we’ve been to and where we will be going. This is to keep you up dated on our whereabouts and if you think you may be able to meet us en-route then send us a message and we shall rendezvous somewhere.

Please feel free to comment on our posts** and if you are feeling generous some money or food won’t go unappreciated.

*Please note we will be able to put a roof over our heads every night.
**We reserve the right to remove any comments deemed inappropriate.

Written on April 17th, 2011


Nothing to Lose

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